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  • OBE
    Order of the British Empire
  • One Star (Rhodes Twenty Four)
    Michelin Guide
  • Culinary Ambassador of Grenada
  • One Star (Rhodes W1)
    Michelin Guide
  • Author
    Gary Rhodes 365, Keeping it Simple, New British Classics, Time to Eat

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Behind the Scenes

Doesn't look like much (looks
"Doesn't look like much (looks a bit like poopy 💩😂) but getting a bit homesick out here in n-dubz missing my tyyabs fam #tbt"
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Look! It's me on tv! Tune into
"Look! It's me on tv! Tune into bbc2 rhodies to see me in the 90s episode! Here I am looking livid that I was ordered over at 6am on Xmas morning to cook a chrissy breaky for the 90s fam! 😂 jk! I'm in bloody Dubai!"
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Sent to me from a rhodie -
"Sent to me from a rhodie - looks like @snogfrozenyogurt love themselves a bit of the gaz man! Gizzus a snog then! 💋"
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Went to an amazing wedding
"Went to an amazing wedding this weekend up in the Wirral! My stylist @gemmathegreat got hitched & I laid out this stonking great cheese board! Love a Red Leicester! 🧀"
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There's nothing better on a
"There's nothing better on a Sunday than roasting a bird - I'm a great lover of dark meat & I love popping a lemon up the bum! And like my mate @ainsleyharriet says - don't be afraid to give your meat a good old rub!"
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Big shout out to @denman271
"Big shout out to @denman271 for this amazing piccy of his colleague looking ALOT like me I must say! Just need a few more protein shakes down ya & a few more follicles on the old noggin! 😜"
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