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    • Best Chef: Midwest
      James Beard Foundation
    • Nominee for Best Baking & Dessert Cookbook (Butter Sugar Flour Eggs)
      James Beard Foundation
    • Best New Chefs
      Food & Wine
    • Four Stars
      Chicago Tribune
    • Judge
      Top Chef
    • Contestant
      Iron Chef America

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    A reminder why I doing this
    "A reminder why I doing this @OzzieOsvaldo Ocegueda @pierregagnaire @sanforddomato @TomDouglas @EmilyLuchetti @RolandPassot @GeorgeMorrone @ChristopherKostow @ckostowostow @chefgalegand @ThomasKeller @WolfgangPuck @TomColicchio @JeremiahTower @MichaelLomonaco @PaulBocuse: those of you that have been following my extended tribute to Chef Paul & my photo culinary journey #throwback #tbt #cheflife series chef’s I cooked with or learned from #inspired by or just hung out with. #workharderthanme #continualgrowth education #stage with as many people as you can. @JeremiahTower @AlbertAdria, @chefjoseandres #Humanitarian #cheflife #JamesBeardfoundation @BernardCretie @LeVichyssois @thetrotterproject #blessed #oldschool #greatcooks #topchef #ironchef"
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    It’s time to change direction
    "It’s time to change direction some in the series of heroes.Lets start to celebrate the ones that are still here and are still having an impact on me & the next generation. Lets start with some of my favorites. @PierreGagnaire @Raymondblanc @Giulianobugialli @leahchase @Nicoladenis @LouisOuthier @MichelGuérard in memory of the passing of the great Chef Paul Bocuse and how he inspired I will do #backintheday a series of photos for all the people who have blessed me & taught me through my career & I had the pleasure to cook or work with or just hang out with. We will start with the ones that are no longer with us and go from there. in memory. #charlietrotter @paulbocuse_officiel @Alainchapel @Rogervergé @Juliachild @paulprudhomme @JeanLouisPalladin @Barbaratropp @MichelRichard @bernachon @charlietrotter @thetrotterproject @c_troisgros #backintheday #legend #cheflife #lovemylife"
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    Team is running like 5 years
    "Team is running like 5 years old they are Rock Stars !"
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    Headcheese for 1000 in
    "Headcheese for 1000 in process!!"
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