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Sardine & Prawn Terrine
"Sardine & Prawn Terrine Cured Grey Mullet Roe Rolled In Cuttlefish Tofu Marinated In Red Pickled Umeboshi Fuki Marinated In Miso Rapini With Wasabi Cod Roe Terrine Adzuki Beans Wasabi Beans Ume Agar Agar Jelly"
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Lunch - Kikunoi Honten -
"Lunch - Kikunoi Honten - Michelin ⭐⭐⭐"
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fugu sashimi with fish skin,
"fugu sashimi with fish skin, and milt (sperm sack) #japan #2018"
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Bread Service at Atelier De
"Bread Service at Atelier De Joel Robuchon - Hong Kong. 14 different breads, baked daily. Every table gets a basket."
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Truly one of the most
"Truly one of the most memorable meals i have had the pleasure of consuming. This will stay with me for a long time. The food, service, and overall attention to detail is what makes Per Se such a standout. Many thanks to the kitchen and service team for this incredible meal, Chef @chef_rsingh for arranging this soirée. !Some courses missing!"
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