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Cinnamon toast

Cinnamon toast

Trouble Coffee

Outer Sunset
$, Outdoor Seating, Coffee Shop, Breakfast

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"Do yourself a favor, head to the beach in the morning and pick up this cinnamon toast for breakfast to go with your cappuccino. I prefer their toast over others because it's on a buttery brioche-like bread, rather than sourdough, which can often overpower with its sour notes. I come here while I wait in line for Outerlands, which is a great place for brunch."
"Trouble is my favorite coffee shop in the United States. This place is like a club house that you never want to leave. The toast has this beautiful crispy char that's almost burnt. Once the butter melts, it takes the cinnamon sugar mixture into the middle of it. It reminds me a lot of growing up, when my siblings and I used to make it. I order it with a latte. The owner, a fellow Midwesterner, does it her way: "Build your own damn house.""

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