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Esane sausage

Esane sausage

Thai Esane

Music Row, Midtown
$$, Outdoor Seating, Full Bar, Thai

Expert Recommendations

"The owner, Nina, is awesome and friendly. I always have the fermented Laotian pork sausage. It's fried and served with a super spicy ginger sauce and sticky rice. I usually end up ordering a Thai tea to cool off the heat from the chilies."
"I like to get this sausage plate and the Thai papaya salad (not the Esane-style version—the other one where you can choose to eat/order yourself.) And go middle of the road on the heat."

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February 6, 2017

Everything has an end. Luckily, sausage has two.

January 20, 2017

You know, just throwing together a variety of Swe-dishes.