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Lobster roll

Expert Recommendations

"This is hands down the best lobster roll you will ever eat. The best seat is at the bar overlooking the kitchen, where they prepare the freshest and best seafood."
"This lobster roll always has generous portions, as well as a super fresh balance with the mayonnaise and chives. And the fries that come with it are perfectly seasoned every time."
"There are a few dishes that I tell friends of mine visiting from out of town that they have to try while in the city, but I always find myself recommending a late lunch in the West Village at Mary’s Fish Camp, mainly because that’s where I want to spend a day off. It’s coated, not covered, in a lobster mayo with a little bit of celery and scallions, and then stuffed into a top-cut bun that’s been toasted in butter. Sweet chunks of meat, crunchy veggies, and a soft roll. Legendary, still."

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