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Shanghai dumplings

Shanghai dumplings

Yank Sing

South Beach, South of Market
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"These are basically the only reason I get out of bed on my day off."
"Yank Sing gets a lot of hate for being pricey, but it's some of the best, most consistent dim sum anywhere. I've had what are reputed to be the best xiao long bao in the world; theirs are better. The usual way to eat these is in a spoon, so you can pierce them and let the broth spill out. Then you eat the dumpling, and sip the soup. That’s stupid: better to wait a few minutes after they hit the table to let them cool, then pop the whole thing in your mouth. I usually crush two orders myself."
"Everything is so delicious at Yank Sing, but the burst of flavor from the soup dumplings is so tasty that I am craving them right now just thinking about them! Be warned: Let them cool off before you pop them in your mouth."
"These dumplings rule—silky, rich, and gushing hot. I have tried many in my travels, and these are right there at the top. They're addictively good."
"This is always the first dumpling I eat after being seated. There's a burst of broth followed by the tasty pork filling, all of which is freshened by the vinegary sauce."

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The Best Dumplings
February 19, 2015

Delicious dumplings that according to Chinese culture are eaten to 'bring in wealth and treasure'...bon appetite!