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Peking Duck dinner

Expert Recommendations

"This isn't the only place to go for Peking Duck in Philly, it's the ONLY place for Peking Duck. Ordered in whole or half portions and served in courses, it's one of the all-time greatest dishes, and this Chinatown institution makes the best."
"I've had a certain love affair with Peking Duck ever since my grandfather turned me on to it when I was a kid. At Sang Kee, it comes in two courses: first the bird with hoisin and pancakes, then the picked meat wokked up with veggies. It's enough food for two people, but I house it by myself with a few Tsingtaos and a pot of tea."
"On a nice cold night, when the last thing I want to see is another sauté pan, Sang Kee Peking is my pick. Order their Peking Duck that's served in courses. The pancakes are my favorite: thin, fluffy, and rolled around crispy-skinned duck with house hoisin sauce and plenty of finely julienned green onions."

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