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The Company Burger

The Company Burger

The Company Burger

$$, Happy Hour, Outdoor Seating, Burgers, Full Bar

Expert Recommendations

"It's the cure-all for anything that hurts. I like to get mine with bacon and a fried egg."
"This burger only comes one way, and they only make it one way for good reason (because it is great that way!). Two thin patties griddled with American cheese and grilled onions come on a housemade bun with pickles."
"Adam's vision of the classic American cheeseburger is very specific: house-ground beef patties on fresh, locally-sourced buns with American cheese, house-made pickles, and thinly shaved red onions. His purist aesthetic forbids lettuce and tomatoes, so don't ask. (Seriously, don't.) But there is a fixins bar with some delicious mayonnaise, including basil and chipotle options, but you want to be there for the Baconnaise. I'm not going to describe that because it’s bacon mayo. 'Nuff said."
"Just the right blend of meats go into making their patties. The house burger is a double-stack of meat with cheese, and I always go for the add-on fried egg and Nueske's bacon. Wash it down with a Mexican coke, and I'm good to go. Did I say hand-cut fries, too?"
"You would be hard-pressed to get a better burger anywhere else. Two thin griddled patties, cheese, and housemade pickles get set between two locally baked buns before you get the option of slathering 'em up at the mayo bar. If you get them to-go, they only get better as they steam for a few minutes in their wrappers."
"This hand-formed, house-ground pattie is the best burger in town. I like to get mine with a fried egg on top. They also have a mayo bar with six different mayonnaises for you to choose from!"
"It's all about the locally sourced, daily-ground beef patty, homemade pimento cheese, and pickles on a fresh-baked bun. I like a side of onions rings, and sometimes I'll add a fried egg on top."

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