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Entraña Fina con la Piel


"Steak perfected! One of my favorite steaks in the city. This one has the skin on, and the best way I can explain it is that it's like juicy beef that eats like pork with a layer of crispy "cracklin'." They slow-cook it and make the silver skin extra crispy. The chimichurri and steak sauces are also flavorful."
"This skirt steak with chimichurri sauce has a crispy skin on the outside that tastes like beef cracklings. The textures in this dish are just amazing, and I can't get enough."
"The 'skin' on skirt steak still has the fat and silverskin on it, so it is grilled very slow and low so that the 'skin' renders and becomes all crispy and delicious. The collagen breaks down so that at mid-well, the steak is juicy and sticky."
"This dish consists of an outside skirt without the membrane trimmed off, so it forms a really crunchy and charred outer layer, which is a nice contrast to the meat itself. When they grill it, it takes on this really crispy, smoked flavor on the outside, and because the meat is cooked medium rare, it still has a nice, moist, really beefy flavor."

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