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"What do I say..this was the question of the day for me. What do I say about someone who has been so important in the development of my life as a chef..but even more so, a human being. @grant_achatz the chef I’ve looked up to more than any other on the planet. This was the first meal I’ve had at Alinea in 10yrs. The restaurant is far different stylistically from when I was there but the message and even the flavors were clearer than ever before...although different, if I were to close my eyes, the food tasted quintessentially Grant Achatz-precise, evocative and new but more importantly, absolutely delicious. Grant is a mentor to me and to many others and I wouldn’t be half the chef or person I am today without his guidance and leadership. There is no doubt that @smythchicago would not exist without the influence you’ve bestowed upon me. I can’t thank you enough Chef..."
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