Hy Vong
Little Havana
3458 SW 8th St
Miami, FL33135
Call: 305.446.3674
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"Hy Vong truly knocks my taste buds out of the park. I have to order two of the bánh cuốn (pork rolled cakes) dishes right when I arrive, because I know I’ll never be satisfied with just one. That's how good they are! I also always get the beef with rice noodles. They are so incredibly savory and satisfying that I can't leave without it."
"The place with the long line to get in' is how one of my guests (who loves the place and has for 25 years) describes Hy Vong. I love how they have kept it so small and intimate; handmade food is not to be rushed or mass-produced. These spring rolls, with sautéed pork and mushrooms rolled in steamed rice paper, are deeply flavored and perfectly textured each time."