"Titi Monkey" with matcha, sandalwood, sugarcane, egg white, pisco, orange peel & lemon, garnished with edible monkey & foam

Café ArtScience
Full Bar, American, Open Late
650 E Kendall St
Cambridge, MA02142
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"Thought I get you all little close up on our Infamous Titi Monkey cocktail @cafeartscience since, I get plenty of DM every time we do Instagram stories on this particular drink. The cocktail is inspired by a critically endangered Titi Monkeys found mostly in Peru, Southern Colombia and Brazil. It is estimated that a population reduction of 80% has occurred over the last 25 years due to massive deforestation of this species' preferred habitat as a result of increased human population pressure and intensification of agricultural activities and a lack of concrete conservation activities and for human pet. Recipe : Matcha, Sandalwood,Sugarcane, Egg white, Pisco, orange peel & Lemon. Garnish : edible printed monkey in a suit & Passionfruit flavor soy lecithin emulsion edible foam #bostonmixdrink #bartender #cocktail #makeitnice #titimonkey"

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