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"Brooklyn Ghost Bottle: Aglovale" Belgian ale

"Brooklyn Ghost Bottle: Aglovale" Belgian ale

Brooklyn Brewery

$$, Brewery, Reservations, Full Bar, Beer Garden

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"Had the BEST time with Master Brewer of @brooklynbrewery Garrett Oliver at his event, THE BREWMASTER'S TABLE, for @chswineandfood. We had the pleasure of trying 4 different beers, 2 of them were so exclusive that they're only brought out for special occasions and events. Both of the ghost bottled beers were over 10% abv and did not even taste like it! He paired his IPA called The Defender with a delicious curry crab cake! (Did I mention that there is a BLACK super hero on the bottle?!?!) He paired his rare "Top Spin" was paired with delicious spaghetti carbonara. It was THE best beer/food pairing I've ever been to! We learned so much! Hope Garrett comes back next year. #cocktailbandits #curlyladieswhotalkcocktailsdaily #chswff #chswffstreetteam #beer #brooklynbrewery #blackownedbrewery #cookandbrew"

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