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Fried chicken

Fried chicken

Babe's Chicken Dinner House

$$, Outdoor Seating, Reservations, American, Southern / Soul

Expert Recommendations

"I grew up on my mom’s fried chicken right out of the cast-iron skillet, so the only one that comes close is Babe’s. I like the location in Farmers Branch. Sometimes you have to wait a while for it to hit the table, but that is what I like about it—cooked the right way and served hot and crispy, with mashers, cream gravy, green beans, and all the trimmings. You’ll want to recline your car seat on the way home."
"When I get a craving for Southern comfort food, I head to Babe’s Chicken Dinner House for a fried chicken dinner. They brine the birds before battering and frying them up to crispy perfection. Dinner comes with servings of all-you-can-eat sides—mashed potatoes, sweet corn, green beans, and biscuits. They are all tasty, but it’s the chicken I love."
"The fried chicken here just reminds me of home. I like this concept so much that I went there for Easter Sunday. The fried chicken is always moist on the inside and crispy on the outside, and it comes out hot and fresh every time. I’ve never had a bad experience at Babe’s."

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