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Arts, Downtown
$$, Happy Hour, Sushi, Outdoor Seating, Japanese, Full Bar, Breakfast, Cocktail

Expert Recommendations

"I adore Tei-An, and Teiichi Sakurai is one of the most talented chefs in this city. I go for the hot curry soba, which is deliciously complex and served like a soup. All of the buckwheat noodles here are made by hand, and you can taste the care in every nutty bite. I like to cool the heat from the curry with a little green tea ice cream. But it’s not just the food here that I love; the space is so serene and beautiful."
"I order my soba with chicken and curry broth. This is not an Indian curry, but a thin, brothy curry. It’s not yellow from turmeric, but smoky and spicy, with fresh buckwheat soba noodles and little morsels of tender chicken. It’s physically smoking hot and makes you sweat."
"My good friend Teiichi Sakurai always finds a way to surprise me. My pick here is the short green soba and bolognese with Washu beef, a dish that's rich and elegant at the same time. This is what happens when a Japanese master pays tribute to Italian food. Another pick of mine from Tei-An is the soba ice cream with Kinako and kuromitsu. I love the nuttiness of the soba in this dessert."
"I love my soba noodles with Tei-An's hot duck meatball broth. This dish is so delicate and flavorful that it just makes you happy!"
"There’s a reason Teiichi Sakurai is known for soba noodles. He finds a lovely balance between texture and flavor. Order anything that has Santa Barbara sea urchin in it."

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