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Capitol Hill
$$, Happy Hour, Sushi, Reservations, Modern, Full Bar, Lounge, Cocktail

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"Well, the cat is out of the bag! Andrew Dalan and I are now the proud adoptive parents of a little bar called Liberty. Its been a long journey but I cant thank Andrew and Amanda Friedman enough for their trust in us to take their community and guide it into the next decade. I first walked into liberty bar with Joey Bennett after a long day of apartment hunting in 2011. We were defeated and beat down after being denied several times and we need a space to sit down, relax and decompress. My perpetual beverage instructor and best friend Nik Virrey had just started working there and so we stopped in. He wasn't on shift but I still remember where we sat and the wonderful service by. On our way back to the car, we saw someone putting up a "For Rent" sign for a two bedroom that eventually became ours. Liberty has always led to good things for me. The crew at Liberty has always been amazing. They are the folks who taught me how to be a bartender by example. I watch and I learned, I asked and they answered. They were the reason I wanted to work here in the first place. As I look toward the future of the bar, my goal is to honor the legacy that all of these folks have established. Liberty would not be the same without each and every one of these people and I would not be the same without them either. The staff is still one of the best ive ever seen. We are committed to serving each and every one of you with grace and skill while creating a safe space for the members of our community family who have been marginalized. I love this bar and Liberty loves you. I hope that you will come see us soon."
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