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Diner Root Beer, just something about it.

Diner Root Beer, just something about it.


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"I’m embarrassed to admit I had never been to Dairy-ette prior to yesterday, but I will most certainly return soon! This East Dallas gem is over sixty years old, having opened its doors in 1956. According to those in the know, it hasn’t changed a bit since then, and it shows. After ordering a double cheese burger (add mayo) and a grilled cheese, I had no idea my favorite part would be the root beer. Don’t get me wrong, everything was fabulous, but that root beer was just something special. Thick, but still crisp. Served with no ice, but ice cold in a frosted mug with little frozen bits of deliciousness floating around. As Nick Rallo wrote for the Dallas Observer, it’s “the martini of root beer”. The double cheese burger served simply with no frills, the old fashioned way. Unlike most restaurants, the magic isn’t in the ingredients. It’s gotta be the grill. The grilled cheese had a gooey center between two perfectly crisped pieces of white bread. Two unexciting ingredients coming together just right causing a single bite to take you back in time to your childhood, or beyond. If you don’t make it over to the east side very often, it’s worth a special trip. This place as been killing it for longer than most, and is definitely a big part of why #dallaskicksass 9785 Ferguson Road, Dallas TX"