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Kamayan Dinner

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"Exciting News Number One! We are collaborating with @saloseries Chef Yana Gilbuena for a Kamayan pop up on July 21st from 7-9 PM. We are still working on location (original space fell through) but will keep everyone posted. It will be a showcase of Kapampangan and Illongo dishes served family style - and no forks or spoons, just your hands! Our menu will feature: PAMPANGA: Boboto (Filipino version of tamales), Tokwa't Baboy (Deep fried pork belly and tofu), and Maja Blanca (Coconut milk pudding with corn, topped with latik.). ILOILO: Ukoy (Vegetable fritters), Inasal (Barbecued chicken, with lemongrass, ginger and garlic), and Bibingka (Sweet rice cake with ube and macapuno). Reserve your spot now - seats are limited! Link for tickets is in our profile. #filipinofoodmovement #filipinofood #kamayan #salo #kapampangan #ilongga #popup #popupdinner #kcmo #kceats"
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