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Coconut curry hamachi bowl

Coconut curry hamachi bowl

Malibu Poke

Seaholm, Downtown Austin
Breakfast, Poke Place

Expert Recommendations

"If you like poke and haven’t been to @malibupoke, you’re messing up. This is the best poke I’ve found in Texas, not just Dallas. They have a ton of great people working together on this, but with the fish expertise of Jon Alexis, the brains behind @tjsseafood, combined the delicate plating and attention to detail of @chefmattmccallister, this place can’t be beat. The first visit can be a tiny learning experience as they have kiosks that allow you to place your own order and make your own modifications, but after that it’s a zip. They even let you use facial recognition to create a profile if you’re into those things. You certainly don’t have to. This is the coconut curry hamachi bowl, but they’re all amazing. They’re original location is on Oak Lawn where Good Eats used to be, but they’re staring to pop up in new places. Keep an eye out. 📍3888 Oak Lawn Ave"