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Maple bacon sausage & egg breakfast sandwich

Maple bacon sausage & egg breakfast sandwich

4505 Meats/Chicharrones

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Expert Recommendations

"I love the texture and flavor of the sausage patty. Combine that with a brioche bun and runny egg, and you have a perfect start to your day."
"Once a month, I try and get to the Saturday Ferry Building Farmers Market early enough to squeeze a breakfast sausage sandwich in."
"Ryan is one of the city's best butchers and chefs. The components themselves are simple, but the way it comes together is perfect. Start your Saturday morning at the Ferry Plaza Farmers' Market with one of these sandwiches. It's a maple pork patty with a sunny side egg, pepper cress, and aioli on a seeded bun. Make sure to douse it with a bunch of hot sauce."

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