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Masala bhindi

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"This place, which is located in a strip center just off of Highway 59, has the best Indian food in the city. It's run by some of the nicest people, the Patels, my Indian family. The masala bhindi is crispy, dry okra stir-fried with spices. It's amazing, as is everything else at London Sizzler. Besides the okra, you can just go in and ask for 'what Chris gets'—all the waiters know. Just be ready for an onslaught of food."
"The masala bhindi, or dry-roasted okra, is really addictive and really good. It's certainly not that slimy okra some places serve. Make sure to ask for the baby goat marrow bones. These teeny-tiny, little marrow bones of goat are perfect to suck on with your masala bhindi."

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