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"This is the perfect cure for a hangover. The pork broth has such deep, complex flavors that it seems to have been simmering for days on end."
"Ramen restaurants seem to be popping up all over LA, but this place is an original. Their ramen bowl is so flavorful. The pork is melt-in-your-mouth tender, and the noodles are cooked to perfection."
"Their ramen has all the elements you would expect: tender slices of pork, a boiled egg, green onions, and a nice rich pork broth. You can even get extra noodles if you want!"
"For my money, this is the best ramen in town. They use Kurobuta pork and have a great broth. Don't forget to get the fried rice and gyoza, which are also the best in town."
"The broth for this ramen is genius. It's rich, slick, porky perfection. The depth of flavor is unmatched—it has probably been simmering for hours. Get in line and get some."

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