Medium bbq yellowtail collar the blind burro
BBQ yellowtail collar

BBQ yellowtail collar

The Blind Burro

East Village
$$, Happy Hour, Outdoor Seating, Mexican, Full Bar, Bar

Expert Recommendations

"The yellowtail collar is grilled with an orange chipotle purée, orange marmalade, piloncillo (Mexican brown sugar), orange juice, and balsamic vinegar. Sara really knows her Mexican cuisine (check out all her food trips with Rick Bayless) and her hamachi collar is incredible. It's a must-have at this restaurant."
"You can't find many spots in San Diego offering up tuna collar, and Blind Burro does it right with a tangy-spicy-sweet glaze. I also like the street corn, which is rich and feels like the real deal. Watch out for the crema running down your face and hands while you try to eat and walk at the same time."

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