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Porchetta sandwich

Expert Recommendations

"Roli Roti in San Francisco has one of the best porchetta sandwiches I’ve ever tasted. You see the porchetta in the rotisserie, bubbling and cracking, getting crispier by the moment. When it’s sliced, the juices that drip out are used as a savory spread on the great ciabatta bread, then the sandwich gets a finish of fresh arugula. You can also order a side of the potatoes that sit at the bottom of the rotisserie, soaking up all the pork renderings. Truly one of the best sandwiches I’ve ever had."
"Hands down one of the best sandwiches in the city. Good quality bread is slathered with some of the roasting juices from the porchetta and then topped with crispy pig skin. It also has a nice herb flavor from the greens. It's one of the few places that I would actually wait in line for food."
"Anybody who makes a sandwich by "wiping" the cutting board with the bread in order to mop up all the porchetta juices is a saint. St. Thomas? Somebody call the pope!"
"Thomas Odermatt has a rolling truck with a built-in spit where he cooks his delicious pork and serves it on a soft Acme roll with caramelized onions, pepper cress and crispy pork skin. Mmmm."
"When I bought my new car, I made a rule that you couldn't so much as burp in it. But one day I had the porchetta sandwich. I started to nibble on it and the next thing you know I was pulled over on the Embarcadero, juice running down my forearm. It's the bread, the sauce, the fat, the perfectly rotisseried pork, the peppery greens. It's worth every grease spot."

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