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Smoked meat sandwich


Smoked meat sandwich
"This is every cook's favorite late-night food. When it's 2 in the morning and you've just finished working your shift at the restaurant and you're smashed from drinking at a bar, it's the perfect thing to eat. It's also great to enjoy when you're on your way home on a cold, winter night It's salty, greasy, everything you want in food to make you happy. I try to only go once a year to be healthy."
Smoked meat sandwich
"Montreal is famous for its smoked meat. My favorite place to get a smoked meat sandwich is Schwartz's. It's been there for nearly 100 years, and they make all their food in-house. The smoked meat is so juicy and fatty."
"I wanted to go to Larry's....But...One more smoked meat sandwich before our flight. Fatty instead of medium this time."
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Also at Schwartz's Montreal Hebrew Delicatessen (Schwartz's Charcuterie Hébraïque de Montréal)