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Tajarin con Burro e Salvia


"I love this dish and pretty much everything else that happens to be on the menu. Katy has named this “the baby angel cloud” that makes life delicious. People don’t understand how much work goes into these perfect strands of egg yolk-rich pasta. You can’t be afraid of butter if you order this dish!"
"Jason Stratton lends the lightest touch to this whisper-thin, hand-cut pasta dressed only in melted butter and sage. It's an example of understated perfection."
"The thinly cut egg noodles with butter and sage is mouthwatering. The texture is so soft and the noodles melt as soon as they touch your tongue."
"Spinasse's all-egg-yolk pasta is always perfectly delicate, but still firm. This sparse yet indulgent dish of thin noodles with butter and sage proves simple is often better."
"This traditional Piedmontese dish is made of delicate strands of perfect pasta. I love the simplicity of the butter and sage. Less is truly more when it comes to this dish. Nothing is needed but a glass of dolcetto."
"This is a great rendition of the classic Piedmont fresh pasta dish. Perfectly light but rich with butter and sage. It reminds me of my cooking days in Italy."
"This finely-cut egg pasta comes with your choice of butter and sage or ragu. I could tear into a massive bowl of it right now. It's so freakin' delicious."
"I love the homey feeling of Spinasse, and this pasta dish exemplifies that. It's a simple dish, seasoned perfectly, and only made with three ingredients: brown butter, sage, and pasta. This seems pretty fail-safe, but trust me, it's easy to screw up. Simplicity is the key, and chef Jason Stratton gets it right."
"With pasta, it's usually all about the sauce, but this delicate handmade pasta is truly the star, whether it's served with butter and sage or ragu. Sit at the bar so you can see it being made right before your eyes. Beautiful."

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