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"Shoyu ramen, aggressively seasoned, with smoked duck and a perfect marinated egg. It's gorgeous. And it's fucking delicious. Best ramen in the bay and it's not close guys."
"The daily changing Shio ramen may be untraditional, but it never disappoints—even with the challenge of using seasonal ingredients. Make sure to get it with the "Shop Highball" Hakushu 12-year Japanese whisky and seltzer."
"The perfect broths. Every ramen on the menu is great. At other places, the problem is usually the broth, but Ramen Shop nails it every time and it just keeps getting better. It's worth the wait."
"When I'm craving ramen, I head to Ramen Shop. The menu changes all of the time but you really can't go wrong with any of the choices. The dungeness crab miso ramen with ground pork belly and a shoyu-marinated egg was the most recent standout. They have a really great bar program with seasonal and innovative cocktails. It's great to sit at the counter and enjoy the show."
"Now that O' Chamé is closed, I'm glad that this place is around. They serve hand-crafted ramen done very, very well. If they have it, order the Hokkaido miso ramen with ground pork belly. The pork belly isn't overpowering and gives the broth a great flavor as it slowly integrates into the broth."
"It's honestly difficult to choose a favorite bowl here. However, if Sam is working, ask for the "Human Head" bowl. I also really like their burnt miso ramen."
"It's worth the trip to Oakland for their exceptional ramen. My favorite is the garlic miso with ground pork belly, hedgehog mushrooms, a shoyu-marinated egg, scallions, and shungiku. It's very rich in flavor. This dish varies throughout the seasons and has been delicious each time I have eaten it. Go early; the wait for a table can be quite long."
"This is my favorite ramen place in the Bay Area, hands down. These guys honestly know what they are doing. If you haven't tried it, you are seriously missing out. I love the fact that they sample every batch of cooked noodles and portion of broth. Plus, they also make awesome cocktails. I recommend getting the gyokai tonkotsu tsukemen with chashu or the hokkaido ramen."

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