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Chicken skin w/ sudachi salt & lemon

Chicken skin w/ sudachi salt & lemon

Nojo Ramen Tavern

Civic Center, Western Addition
$$$, Ramen, Japanese, Modern, Full Bar

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"Chicken skin is such a tasty part of the chicken. Greg's is crispy on the outside, moist on the inside, and he skewers it in an interesting way before grilling it. There's a nice spice in the salt mix. It has a really concentrated flavor, almost like a nice chicken stock, with a lot of umami. I like it with a little potato shochu."

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Chef Hiro Sone's Favorite Yakitori at Nojo | The Usual

Chef Hiro Sone (Terra, Ame) visits Chef Greg Dunmore's restaurant Nojo in San Francisco to eat two of his favorite skewers: chicken skin and tsukune, a juicy, hand-chopped chicken meatball. In The Usual, the country's best chefs reveal the one dish that blows their mind again and again, then head behind-the-scenes to meet the creators. ***SADNESS UPDATE: Nojo is no mo’, much to our collective dismay. Godspeed, temple of skewers. Silver lining: Dunmore will join the AP Company (who purchased Nojo) as their corporate chef.