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Meze bar

Expert Recommendations

"With all kinds of fresh, light mezze changing daily, I never know what I'm going to eat when I walk in, but I always leave feeling great, not stuffed. I'm amazed that vegetarian food could be so satisfying."
"Eggs for breakfast are totally overrated. A platter of meze at Sofra packs a wallop of flavor and is full of vegetables (your mother would be proud)."
"The meze bar is pure heaven. It's hard to pick from the changing selection, so I usually just get all of them, although my top two are the beet tzatziki and the muhammara. The sharp and tangy quality of the yogurt and the sweetness of the beets in place of cucumber is so, so smart—it's a perfect riff on classic tzatziki. The muhammara is like a greek version of Romesco sauce—smoky, nutty, and addictive."
"The meze nar is a selection of absolutely delicious Middle Eastern treats. Beet tzatziki, whipped feta, housemade pita... it's all heaven."

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