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Chicken liver rigatoni

Chicken liver rigatoni


Spring Garden
$$$, Full Bar, Italian

Expert Recommendations

"Chicken livers, sweet cipollini onions, sage, and perfectly cooked rigatoni—what more could you ask for? It’s my favorite thing to eat at a bar and a great pairing for wine."
"In addition to the great pizzas and antipasti, some of the best pasta in the city is handmade at Osteria daily. I've never had anything like their rigatoni with chicken livers, a great example of how just a few simple elements can become something really special."
"I love going to Osteria with my family because, while the vibe is casual, the food is still great. All the pastas and pizzas are amazing, but the standout is the rigatoni with sweet caramelized cippolini onions, sage and lots of delicious chicken livers."
"I am not a fan of chicken livers, but this rich pasta dish at Osteria amazes me each and every time I have it. The balance of the livers with the sweet onions all over that rigatoni makes it delicious."
"This is the ultimate chicken liver dish. After growing up eating my grandmother's chopped liver, which we looked forward to on the holidays, and then years later tasting Vetri and Jeff Michaud's version of it, kind of makes me wish they were my grandmother."
"All of the pastas at Osteria are usually fabulous. The chicken liver rigatoni with cipolline onions and sage is more robust than refined, definitely more my style."

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