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Eric Brown
Beverage Director, Owner, Sommelier
Le Caveau Fine Wines
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Pinkies Up Austin
October 18, 2016

Sandwiches, pastries, and more for your tea sipping pleasure sponsored by Pure Leaf Tea.

RECIPE | Avocado Flan
February 25, 2019
A whimsical finale to any dinner party, brought to you by our partners at Pacific Sales.
The Art of Cooking: Home Chef Edition
Perhaps best known for winning the inaugural season of Top Chef in 2006, Harold Dieterle wants to inspire home cooks to think beyond individual recipes with his new cookbook, “Kitchen Notebook.” Filled with tips from his personal notebooks, Dieterle shares some of his favorite recipes, including his signature spicy duck meatballs. The chef/owner of Perilla and Kin Shop in New York City spoke with Chefs Feed about the importance of quality ingredients, great hospitality and how the home cook can think like a top chef.
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