Afrah Mediterranean Restaurant & Pastries

0.09 mi$$Bakery, MediterraneanRichardson
1 Review

"My favorite take-out dish is the shish tawook. Two skewers of marinated, grilled chicken breast are served with your choice of sides. I always have the fattoush salad and baba ghannouj, a smoky eggplant dip made with tahini, garlic, and lemon. The chicken comes with garlic sauce, but I prefer to dip the chicken in the baba ghannouj."

Kirin Court Chinese Restaurant

0.3 mi$$ChineseRichardson
1 Review

"Kirin Court is the best Chinese food I’ve had since being in Hong Kong. I’m a big lover of dim sum and good traditional Chinese, and the Peking Duck with pancakes, hoisin, and green onions cannot be beat!"

Royal Sichuan

0.4 mi$$ChineseRichardson
1 Review

"I don’t know what it’s called bc it’s only in chinese writing spicy beef tendon salad at royal Szechuan. it’s got a ton of Szechuan peppers and it’s super spicy. It’s got this chinese celery in it. It’s just awesome. I think there’s tripe in it, too. "

Michael Sindoni
Chef Michael Sindoni
CBD Provisions

Royal Sichuan

0.4 mi$$ChineseRichardson
1 Review

"This unique lamb dish—heavily spiced with cumin, chilies, and fragrant cilantro—reminds me of Mongolian influence. I’ve never seen a dish quite like this at a Sichuan restaurant. I love it and order it every time I visit."

Caravelle Chinese & Vietnamese

0.4 mi$$Chinese, AsianRichardson
1 Review

"This dish is truly authentic. They actually bone out and slice the duck, which makes it so easy for people to eat. The skin is super crisp, and the meat is so moist and tender. It’s one of the few dishes I actually crave."

Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen

0.7 mi$$Southern, Seafood, AmericanFort Worth
1 Review

"I crave these crawfish. They are tossed in butter and doused with Creole seasoning, so they have a nice spice to them. I have worked in New Orleans, and this dish brings me back to Bourbon Street."

Fus Chinese BBQ

1.5 mi$Chinese, BarbecueRichardson
1 Review

"Very crisp, cut-up pork chops are fried in a crispy tempura-like batter, then tossed with Serrano chilies, ginger, onions, and coriander. The final touch is a light sprinkling of five-spice seasoning. I can never go there and not order this dish. Crispy, crispy, crispy—it’s all about the crisp! So good! I also love the roast duck on rice, which has a faint star anise/pepper taste."

Chris Ward
Chef Chris Ward
The Mercury
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