Hyper Service

Watch as we smash one night in a busy, popular kitchen into one minute, and then watch it again.
    Jerome Grant’s Museum-Worthy Oxtail Pepperpot
    Brett Cooper's Stylish Ode To Breakfast
    Pork Ramen for the People in Nashville
    YaKaMein: The Best Damn Cup of Noodles in NOLA
    The Italian Sub at Artisan Meat Share is Like a Hug Made of Cold Cuts.
    The Hot Dog Chef at Parlor Deluxe
    Fresh Strawberries in February?
    Hot Shrimp: A Fresh Take on a Face-Melting Southern Classic with Todd Richards
    12 Nights of (Dandelion) Chocolate with Richie Nakano and Maya Erickson
    VegLapse at Departure | Chef Gregory Gourdet
    MasaLapse at Lazy Bear | Chefs David Barzelay and Carlos Salgado
    Cakelapse at Fluff Bake Bar | Chef Rebecca Masson
    Octopuslapse at Uma Casa | Chef Telmo Faria
    Burgerlapse at KronnerBurger | Chef Chris Kronner
    Oysterlapse at Ichi Kakiya | Chef Tim Archuleta
    Breakfastlapse at Breakfast at Tiffany's | Chef Tim Luym
    Liholapse at Liholiho Yacht Club | Chef Ravi Kapur
    Pop-UpLapse, Aster at Coi | Chef Brett Cooper