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Show-Stealing Cauliflower with Sylvain’s Martha Wiggins | Sources | Sponsored
March 31, 2016

Cauliflower is the ultimate wingman (wing-flower?) of the Brassica family; dependable, up for anything, adaptable. It takes on flavor without sacrificing its core character, and just as New Orleans chef Martha Wiggins enters a period of stylistic evolution, it morphs into the perfect backdrop for self-expression.

Cauliflower, man. Always makes you look good, never takes too much credit. Get more cauliflower recipe ideas here.

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October 14, 2016

Whole Red Snapper with Requin’s Jennifer Carroll | Sources | Sponsored

If there was ever any doubt that a piece of outrageously fresh fish could change the world, we wouldn’t be here. If that fish is mightily decked out with citrus and herbs by seafood savant chef Jennifer Carroll, then crisped up right on the grill — as the rules of summer clearly dictate — how could it not?

ChefsFeed and Whole Foods Market present: Sources. Get some flavor on your grill with whole fish from Whole Foods Market, where you’ll find the highest standards in the industry for seafood quality, freshness and sustainability. Ask their fish mongers for tips and to prep, fillet or season the fish.

July 28, 2016

Shrimp with Cafe Aion’s Dakota Soifer | Sources | Sponsored

Paella is chill enough to know it’s best to be flexible in this crazy world, which is exactly why it fits in anywhere from a Colorado mountainside to a Spanish battlefield of yore. There’s no end to the combinations of glorious things that can be nestled in its generous pan, but for now, let’s say chef Dakota Soifer’s version with fresh shrimp, chorizo, and chicken is in the top five. At least.
ChefsFeed and Whole Foods Market present: Sources, where the best ingredients inspire summer’s greatest meals. Count on Whole Foods Market, where all their farm-raised seafood is responsibly farmed and all their wild seafood is sustainably sourced.

May 4, 2016

Asparagus with City House’s Tandy Wilson | Sources | Sponsored

Get a solid snap out of an asparagus stalk, and you may as well be banging a big ol’ gong — it’s SPRING, y’all. There’s a whole lotta ways we like to ring this kind of occasion in, but we're partial to City House chef Tandy Wilson’s version: curly asparagus ribbons, piled high with sugar snap peas and mint, alongside cheesy-mayo toasts. It's throw-open-the-windows kind of food. ChefsFeed and Whole Foods Market present: Sources.

Want the scoop on how your asparagus was grown? Look for the Responsibly Grown logo at Whole Foods Market for produce grown following farming practices that protect air, soil and human health. Get more asparagus inspiration right here.

August 12, 2015

Grilled Stone Fruit with Chef Melissa King of Co + Lab | Sources | Sponsored

Summer might technically be over, but that constant sheen of sweat on your hairline ain't lyin'—it's still HOT, y'all. That means roaming the freshly-misted produce aisles of the Whole Foods Market in your hood (what up, open-source AC) and impulse-buying an ambitious amount of late-season stone fruit.

We enlisted chef Melissa King of Co + Lab to show you what else to do with it besides eating it over your sink like an animal.

ChefsFeed and Whole Foods Market present: Sources. You're welcome.

September 15, 2015

Turkey Meatball Banh Mi with Chef Chaz Brown of Seoul Chicken | Sources | Sponsored

Halloween-themed candy and its autumnal brethren has officially flooded the market. Decorative, maybe edible gourds! Orange leafy filler bouquets! Turkey, however, would like you to know that while it loves being the only thing you eat the week after Thanksgiving, it also rocks on a random weeknight any month of the year.

We enlisted chef Chaz Brown of Seoul Chicken in NYC to show you what to do with it. The noble, weird-looking turkey deserves better, y'all.

ChefsFeed and Whole Foods Market present: Sources. You're welcome.

February 16, 2016

True Lowcountry Cuisine with Michael Twitty and BJ Dennis | Sources | Sponsored

The fried chicken, the macaroni and cheese, the BBQ—it paints a pretty Southern picture, but it doesn't tell the full story. Culinary historian Michael Twitty and chef BJ Dennis dive into the food of the Gullah Geechee culture in this latest episode of Sources: it’s healthy, vegan, and gluten and dairy-free.

ChefsFeed and Whole Foods Market present: Sources. You can thank us later. More recipe inspiration from Whole Foods for your greens right here.

January 22, 2016

Holiday Heritage with Landon Thompson | Sources | Sponsored

The most time-honored tradition of the chef world is spending calendar holidays with your second family—the restaurant staff—so when Chef Landon Thompson (of Atlanta’s buzzy Cooks & Soldiers) was tasked with cooking up a dish from his family’s holiday repertoire, he called in reinforcements: Mom, to be exact.

Under Mama Thompson’s tutelage, he travels back to the Christmas Eve’s of his childhood for Southern oyster stew—a dish he didn’t know he loved so much until he found himself missing it behind the line. ChefsFeed and Whole Foods Market present: Sources. You can thank us later.