A Step-By-Step Guide to Hosting ChefsFeed Experiences Live Streams

A Step-By-Step Guide to Hosting ChefsFeed Experiences Live Streams

And knocking it out of the park!

April 29, 2020
● 15 min read
A Step-By-Step Guide to Hosting ChefsFeed Experiences Live Streams

A Step-By-Step Guide to Hosting ChefsFeed Experiences Live Streams

And knocking it out of the park!

April 29, 2020
● 15 min read


Thanks for using ChefsFeed Experiences (CFX) to host live streaming classes! This short 6-step guide will get your first event live and selling tickets in no time.

If you don’t have an Expert account on ChefsFeed, apply here.

About CFX + Live Streams

What is ChefsFeed Experiences (CFX)?

ChefsFeed Experiences (CFX) is a ticketing platform allowing culinary industry professionals to create and sell access to events. ChefsFeed is committed to using its platform to put money in the pockets of food and beverage professionals and to never take money out.

Benefits of Live Streaming

While restaurants are closed, we are turning to live streaming to help support individuals in the hospitality industry during this uncertain time. Listing your cooking class or other live stream on CFX gives you access to our highly skilled video and creative team who will provide you with best practices and tips. CFX events are also flagged for priority promotion on our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter feeds as well as our Tuesday and Thursday newsletters which reach hundreds of thousands of consumers.

Requirements to Live Stream

Strong Reliable Internet Connection | A  fast and consistent wifi connection in your kitchen or area you will be cooking is extremely important. You must have wifi to live stream, it cannot be done on cellular data.

Up to Date Device for Streaming | You can stream using a laptop, smartphone, or tablet, however it is recommended that you use the newest device you own. Unfortunately, we’ve found that older tech just doesn’t perform well enough to deliver a good live stream experience to viewers.

Laptop - A wifi-connected laptop with functioning webcam and microphone that is no more than 5 years old.

Smartphone or Tablet - A phone or tablet with video capability that is no more than 2 years old.

An Active Social Media Presence | The most successful hosts have had strong networks they can tap into - personal or restaurant social accounts, and email lists with active followings are best. We recommend at least 1,000 followers on your most active social account and/or have an email list of clients and guests for promoting  your class. We will post promo assets on our social accounts, but most of the ticket sales will come from your own promotion.

Thoughtful Ingredients | Given the current timing, don’t rely on tons of specialty ingredients that people will have a hard time finding or need to make special trips for. In addition, offer alternatives for viewers who may have similar ingredients.

Tell Your Story | People love to connect with your personal story and learn about your background - make things that you have a real connection with and can tell your audience the story behind the dish or drink you are creating.

At Least 1 Week of Lead Time | We recommend posting at least 1 week in advance to allow time for promotion and ticket sales. You may post more than one class at a time if a series is planned.

How to Use the Guide

It’s recommended that you read through the appropriate sections when first starting to host live streams, and return to the guide as needed.


Step 1: ChefsFeed Account and Profile

This step should be done on a laptop or desktop computer, not a smartphone.

  1. Complete your Host Profile. This is the profile that will be associated with and linked to from your experiences in the marketplace, so it’s important to put your best foot forward. If you’re using an existing Expert account then your basic information will already be filled in, but you should go through every field and provide as much information as possible, including photos. Be sure to complete your name, display name, city, profile photo, social and web links, and bio.

  2. Verify your Payment Info with Stripe.


Step 2: ChefsFeed Experiences (CFX) Event Creation

This step should be done on a laptop or desktop computer, not a smartphone.

  1. Choose "CREATE NEW EXPERIENCE" from the account dropdown menu.
  2. Complete the Experience Overview.

    • Name | Come up with a catchy name and angle that lends itself to a solid title. Be specific--not just “learn to bake” but “Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies (And How to Customize Them With All The Weird Stuff in Your Pantry).” Make your class specific to a particular recipe/dish/drink you want to cover vs. being a broad introduction to a cuisine type. Please include the time it will air, including timezone, in the title.
      Recent Examples:
      • “Pantry Coladas” Livestream Mixology Class W/ Nora Furst @ 4:30pm (PDT)
      • “Rice Gets Three Makeovers” Livestream Cooking Class w/ Dr. Ashie @ 4:30pm (PDT)
      • “A Trip To Spain W/ Tapas” Livestream Cooking Class w/ Chef Daniel @ 2pm (PDT)
      • “Really Excellent Cookies To Share With Your Imaginary Friends” Livestream Pastry Class w/ Maya Erickson @ 4pm (PDT)
    • Description
      Part 1 - Copy and paste the following text: 
      "ChefsFeed Experiences cooking classes are a chance to virtually connect with chefs and bartenders, learn simple cooking tricks and tips, and most importantly, support the culinary community through this difficult time.
      After purchasing tickets, you will receive an email with a private link to join the live stream on YouTube during the specified day and time."
      Part 2 - Your Bio + Class Overview: Your personal story, background, and connection to what you’re making.
      Recent Examples:
      • Nora Furst, originally from Seattle, has spent the last 10 years in San Francisco, she cut her teeth as bar manager at Lolinda and beverage consultant for Belga, Delarosa, Flores and Dosa. In 2016 she was nominated Bartender of the Year by 7x7 Magazine. More recently, as partner and beverage director, she opened Uma Casa Restaurant in San Francisco’s Noe Valley alongside chef Telmo Faria. Currently, you can catch her behind the bar at True Laurel in SF and California Gold in San Rafael. Until then, find her on instagram @yeahnora
      • Originally from Argentina, with its own special mix of cultures, Chef Daniel Morduchowicz has lived in California for the past 39 years where he has been exposed to its rich diversity of cuisines. After attending culinary school he discovered a true passion for teaching cooking having hosted thousands of attendees over the last few years. During this online class Chef Daniel will show you how to make (3) tapas: Tortilla Española (a kind of potato omelette), Setas al Ajillo (mushrooms with garlic, parsley and lemon), Shrimp Provenzal.
        These tapas are quintessentially Spanish, easy to prepare once you know how and very delicious. Chef Daniel always aims to teach cooking fundamentals so attendees can gain the freedom necessary to truly start enjoying their cooking.
    • Menu | Although they are called menus they don’t have to be lists of dishes and drinks. The menu could instead be a simple “class overview” including what to expect in your class, general recipes, tips/tricks, techniques, etc.
      Recent Examples:
      • Shanghai Style Scallion Pancake
        In this class, I will be demonstrating how to make the perfect scallion pancake that is flaky, chewy, and crispy. Things you'll need... AP Flour, Unbleached kosher salt, 1/2 lb of sliced lardo or thin fatty bacon, 1 bunch scallion, warm water (not from the tap), peanut or vegetable oil (for making roux and frying pancakes), heavy bottom frying pan (I suggest a good reliable cast-iron), spatula, baking sheet pan with wire rack (not essential but good for warm holding pancakes)
      • Tortilla Española
        Small Plate
        Ubiquitous everywhere in Spain and Latin America tortilla de patatas is an example of how a preparation well done can become much more than the sum total of the individual ingredientes (potatoes, onions, salt and eggs). Easy to make, particularly with the way Chef Daniel has developed during many years of teaching it, this dish is sure to become a favorite preparation for lunch, dinner, an appetizer or a picnic item.

        Setas al Ajillo
        Small Plate
        Using Inexpensive ingredients but treating well and with due respect, this dish is very quick to make and truly a fan favorite. Serve it in a large communal platter, or more appropriate for the times we are living, in individual dishes along several pieces of crusty bread.

        Shrimp Provenzal
        Small Plate
        Building on the technique learned with the mushroom dish, Chef Daniel will show how the same ideas can be used to create a completely different dish using Shrimp (Non-vegetarian.)
    • Price | It’s really up to you! We recommend between $10-15 for a first class. You have the option to sell some items and optional add-ons (like drinks) but given this is a virtual experience, you can include Donations as an add-on. You can also add included fees (like gratuity and tax), which are added and shown on the checkout page.
      Recent Examples:
      • Class $20.00
        Optional Add-ons:
        Donation / Tip $5.00
        Donation / Tip $10.00
        Donation / Tip $20.00
        Donation / Tip $50.00
      • Class $10.00
        Optional Add-ons:
        Donation (for our weekly food delivery to shelters in need) $10.00
        Donation (for our weekly food delivery to shelters in need) $15.00
    • Images | We recommend 2-4  photos including one of yourself and one that pertains to the class you will be streaming.


  3. Click "I'M DONE"


  4. Set a Date and Add Details
    • Date & Time | We’ve found that Monday and Tuesday classes don’t do as well as others. Other than that, which day of the week you choose depends more on the events you’re competing with. Check out https://experiences.chefsfeed.com/browse/ to select a unique time with no similar live stream classes. Learning from past live streams, weekdays at 4-5pm PT is the best start time and on weekends it is 1pm PT. We recommend a class duration of 45 minutes to 1 hour.
    • Location | Venue style "Cooking School," Venue Name "ChefsFeed YouTube live stream Studio," Address "Private Link" (use your own city, state, zip code, neighborhood, this is how we determine the timezone the event is in). Save venue.
    • Specifics - Welcome Note | The most important part of the event posting! The info you include in the Welcome Note is sent automatically to any guests who purchase a ticket for your class. It must include the following: Thank You Note, Your Private YouTube Link (create in next step), Class Date & Time (with timezone).
      Recent Examples:
      • Thank you so much for sharing your love and curiosity of pasta with Chef Joe. He is very excited to have you join him for an afternoon filled with pasta know-how and good vibes.

        While the class is interactive, it may be difficult to cook along in real-time with Joe (because your dough would need time to rest, and he is going to have another dough already prepared) - but bring all of your pasta and cooking related questions to the live chat and Joe will happily share his knowledge with you!

        Thank you for supporting us during this challenging time for the entire food and hospitality industry.

        Here’s the private link to my livestream: LINK HERE

        Here's the private link to the recipe: LINK HERE
        (Note: This link will remain active after the livestream to refer back to for guidance)

        And as always, don't hesitate to reach out (via email or IG) - before, during, or after cooking with any questions or concerns.
      • Thank you for supporting me during this challenging time for the entire food and hospitality industry, I really appreciate it!

        I'm keeping busy with fresh content everyday. Give me a follow if you like on IG: @instagramname or @twittername on Twitter. Thank you again!

        Here’s the private link to my livestream: LINK HERE

        Thursday (03/26) @ 2pm (PDT)

        I am truly thankful and can’t wait for some virtual cookin’ with you soon!


  5. Click "I'M DONE!" and "POST EXPERIENCE"



Step 3: YouTube Live Stream Setup

Hosts are welcome to use any streaming software they’d like for the class, however based on ease of use, chat features, and a variety of other reasons, ChefsFeed is only able to provide support for YouTube streams.

You must set up the Live Stream link using the device you’ll be streaming from. If you want to record your live stream with your phone, then you must also set up the link using your phone! 


  1. Run all computer updates!


  2. Download and use the Google Chrome browser.

  3. Go to youtube.com and "Switch Account"


  4. Add account and sign in using the ChefsFeed hosting credentials (chefstream2@chefsfeed.com, chefstream).


  5. Make sure account is set to the ChefsFeed YouTube account


  6. Select the camera icon in the top navigation bar, select “GO LIVE”


  7. Allow studio.youtube.com to use your camera and microphone


  8. On the left hand navigation bar, make sure “WEBCAM” is selected. Fill out all necessary fields. Use the same title as you did for your CFX listing. Select "PUBLIC" and change to "UNLISTED" from the drop down menu. Select "SCHEDULE FOR LATER" and set the time and date for your class.


  9. Under AUDIENCE, select “No, it’s not made for kids” and “No, don’t restrict my video to viewers over 18 only” Select NEXT


  10. Take or add a thumbnail pic. You can retake on the next screen if needed. Click on SHARE. Copy the link.


  11. You have set up the stream. You are now okay to close the browser.



Note:  The YouTube App  vs YouTube.com website setup are two separate processes. Streams set up on the web do not show up on the phone app. Please make sure you have the YouTube app on your device and use that for setup.

  1. Switch account, add account, and sign in using the ChefsFeed hosting credentials (chefstream2@chefsfeed.com, chefstream)


  2. Switch Account to the ChefsFeed Youtube Account


  3. Click on the camera icon at the top of the screen.


  4. Click "Live." Allow access to the camera, audio recording, etc.


  5. Fill out all necessary fields
    • Create your title
    • Select PUBLIC and change to UNLISTED from the drop down menu
    • Under AUDIENCE, select “No, it’s not made for kids”
    • Select SCHEDULE FOR LATER - Set your desired day and time for your live stream


  6. Click "DONE"


  7. Take a photo for your thumbnail pic. You’ll be able to change this later if needed. Click on SHARE. Copy the link. Paste it into an easily accessible location, and make sure to paste into your Welcome Note within your ChefsFeed Experiences event.


  8. You can now add a description of your YouTube live stream. You can only add a description to your live stream link after you’ve scheduled it and taken the thumbnail image.


Testing YouTube Live Stream

ChefsFeed recommends testing setting up a live stream within YouTube. Please feel free to create as many tests as you like, as long as you use the word TEST in the title of the test stream. Test until you feel comfortable navigating the Youtube App / Website and know how to access your live stream and how to go live. Also test for for quality - camera angles, lighting, sound, dish angles, distracting objects.

To test YouTube, create a new live stream including the word TEST in the title and make sure it is UNLISTED. You’ll need to create a new live stream every time you test.


Step 4: Event Promotion

We will share your event throughout ChefsFeed social media accounts, emails, the website and app, but you must promote as much as possible on your own. Social channels, email lists, restaurant accounts, however you can! Spread the word anywhere and everywhere.

Highlight concrete takeaways for guests. What are some specific things viewers will learn? Any cool cooking techniques? Do you have any “tricks” you’ll be demoing during the class? Lure in viewers with some cool takeaways! Use these in your promotional messages/social posts.

If cooking a specific recipe step by step, consider providing a recipe and ingredient list before the class so people can buy ingredients and cook along or use later! A great place to post these is in the YouTube description, so anyone who watches later can make as well.


Step 5: Hosting the Live Stream

A Couple Days in Advance

Prepare ingredients ahead of time. If you are going to show how to do something that takes a long time, like bake a cake, you should plan to have a finished version to swap out “movie magic style” since your viewers won’t have 40 minutes to sit and wait for it to bake.

We also recommend sending the YT live stream link to all of your guests 1 day before your class, as well as 1 hour before your class starts.

  1. Manage Guest List in Hosting Experiences Dashboard
  2. “Message All”
  3. Compose your message then send.
  4. Click DONE


1-hour Before Class

See above for instructions on sending the link to guests.

Restart your computer or device! Be sure to close all other apps or programs that are running. If using a computer and Chrome browser, close all unnecessary tabs and apps. The fewer windows/apps you have open, the better the quality of your live stream.

Make sure no other devices on your WiFi are streaming or downloading data including SmartTVs, video games, etc. 

Turn off all background music, it causes a copyright infringement error in YouTube.


Class Time!

  • Start the Live Stream | 5 minutes before your live stream is scheduled to being, log back into the ChefsFeed YouTube using the same method as when you created your link - Computer with Chrome Browser at youtube.com or smartphone/tablet using the YouTube app. If using a device, it’s important to complete these steps and the recording in landscape mode with the device horizontal.
    1. Sign in as the ChefsFeed account.
    2. Select the camera icon and "GO LIVE"
    3. Select "MANAGE"
    4. Find the live stream you created by looking for your thumbnail and title
    5. Click to open your live stream
    6. When the time comes, select GO LIVE
    7. There will be a 5 second countdown and then you’re live!
  • Guest Arrival | At the start (before introducing yourself), wait 30 seconds to 1 minute to give plenty of time for your guests to join. Mic check by asking the audience to message you back if they can hear your voice.
  • Camera Operation | Use your laptop or device as a video camera; move it around, get close ups. Talk more into the camera - people want to see you!
  • Audience Engagement | Encourage questions, then check the live chat and answer them. When answering, call out their name and verbally acknowledge them. Let viewers know when to STOP or START paying attention to specific components of dishes (if they are cooking with you). The audience wants to engage with you, hear stories, see a smile - everyone is hungry for interpersonal human connection!
  • How to End | Before hitting that END live stream button, feel free to stick around for a few minutes to further engage your audience - and/or answer questions you might have missed during the class


Step 6: Live Stream Follow Up

Thank You

Message all of your guests through CFX to thank them for attending, provide contact info (if you are comfortable with that) so they can ask you further questions about the class, recipes, or even your upcoming engagements.

  1. Manage Guest List in Hosting Experiences Dashboard
  2. “Message All”
  3. Compose your message then send.
  4. Click DONE



Send your guests a copy of the recipe through CFX (or email if you have them)


Class Cadence

Except for occasional cases, we recommend spacing classes 1 week apart.


That’s it! If you encounter any issues or have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to experts@chefsfeed.com. You can also find lots of useful info in our Help Center, including tips on marketing