The Clam
420 Hudson St.
walk-ins welcome; accepting reservations January 21st

CF: Tell us about the inspiration for the menu? 
JC: My partner, chef-owner Mike Price’s menu concept is quite versatile and untraditional because the sections of the menu do not dictate how one orders. There's a section of house specialties which highlights clam dishes, but there is something on the menu for everyone here, not just clam and seafood lovers. 

 Describe The Clam's overall feel? 
JC: The vibe is cozy, warm, and comfortable while still feeling open—given that it is a small space. We were able to achieve some optical illusions with the space creating a real visual openness. 

CF: Favorite dish so far? 
JC: My favorite dish has got to be the spaghetti and clams: clam gravy with a salad on top– it’s outstanding. 

CF: Where are you sourcing your clams? 
JC: We're building great relationships with clam diggers all up and down the east coast and have been buying seafood from Eric Teverow for the last 12 years who also continues to supply our other restaurants. 

CF: How do you take your clams? 
JC: I like them slowly steamed open in a little dry vermouth with chilies and herbs. It makes this great juice for me to dip my garlic bread in.