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    Sour Cream Cake is the Only Holiday Gift You Need to Give
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    All of the Umami and Crispy, None of the Mess
    SherBET You Want a Scoop of This!
    A French Onion Dip That’s at Least 4X as Good As You’re Used To
    A Panna Cotta So Light and Delicious, You Won’t Know It’s Vegan
    Relax and Fall into this Greek Vacation-Inspired Pairing
    In Case You Missed It: ChefsFeed Indie Week Portland, ME
    Chef Ink with Shuai Wang
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    Sour Cream Cake is the Only Holiday Gift You Need to Give

    Acclaimed LA pastry chef Valerie Gordon is wise in all things sweet, including how to give the ultimate expression of care to a loved one: a homemade dessert. Her sour cream cake with a berry compote sounds fancy, but with a few tricks from her and an extra helping of FAGE sour cream to take it over the tangy top, you will be making it all season long.

    All of the Umami and Crispy, None of the Mess

    Every year, chef Francis Ang travels to the Philippines to spend a few months on R&D and bring back new flavors for his pop-up restaurant Pinoy Heritage in San Francisco. This recipe for lamb adobo empanadas was something he picked up on his travels in the north. It starts with a fragrant star anise-spiced adobo made from a mix of lamb shoulder and unctuous belly. Then comes an achiote-scented rice flour dough—with a little help from Anolon’s Infinity Slide™ nonstick technology, it’s a snap to get out of the pan. The result: savory, tangy, crunchy little fried parcels of goodness.

    SherBET You Want a Scoop of This!

    Anna Posey started cooking after art school, and art and design flow through all of her creations as pastry chef/owner of Elske in Chicago. Check out how she makes the most of peak berry season using fresh, preserved, and freeze-dried strawberries to contrast a cool scoop of Planet Oat sherbet.

    A French Onion Dip That’s at Least 4X as Good As You’re Used To

    Chef Michael Ferraro masterfully maxes out classic comfort foods like burgers, burrata omelettes, and fried chicken, so who else would we turn to for a perfect onion dip recipe? The key? Quadruple the alliums by folding together deeply caramelized onions, garlic, fresh chives, and shallots into a super thick and rich FAGE Sour Cream base.

    A New Kind of Local
    September 10, 2019

    Growing up in her father’s garden, chef Michelle Minori developed a natural love for fruits and vegetables that carries through to her cooking today. Here’s how she puts together the season’s best produce with some of Plenty’s finest greens to create a killer trout dish and a “guilty salad” that we don’t feel guilty about eating at all.

    Notes from a Pitmaster
    August 28, 2019

    As the owner and pitmaster at Los Angeles’ Slab Barbeque, Burt Bakman knows his way around the smoker. Here, he reveals how much patience goes into creating the most mouth-watering slice of beef on the planet, the Brisket. Discover how much goes into making the glorious Brisket, sponsored by Beef. It’s What’s For Dinner. on behalf of the Beef Checkoff.

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