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Recipes, mini-documentaries, animations and other dispatches from the industry.

    A Panna Cotta So Light and Delicious, You Won’t Know It’s Vegan
    Relax and Fall into this Greek Vacation-Inspired Pairing
    In Case You Missed It: ChefsFeed Indie Week Portland, ME
    A New Kind of Local
    In Case You Missed It: ChefsFeed Indie Week Seattle
    Notes from a Pitmaster
    Summer Vacation in a Glass: Don’t Forget Your Sunscreen
    In Case You Missed It: ChefsFeed Indie Week LA
    Chef Ink with Shuai Wang
    Eyes of the Explorer: Punta Gorda
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    Make Perfect Simple with Cortney Burns, Nick Balla, and Sansaire

    We're told not to sweat the small stuff, but the small stuff, especially in cooking, is the whole point. ChefsFeed Contributing Chefs Nick Balla and Cortney Burns (Bar Tartine) know this better than most—but even the most intricate labors of love can be achieved with less labor. We hooked them up with the folks at Sansaire to put its line of sous vide products to the test in and out of the pro kitchen. Here's a look at what went down. The results? ChefsFeed approved.

    Turkey Meatball Banh Mi with Chef Chaz Brown of Seoul Chicken | Sources

    Halloween-themed candy and its autumnal brethren has officially flooded the market. Decorative, maybe edible gourds! Orange leafy filler bouquets! Turkey, however, would like you to know that while it loves being the only thing you eat the week after Thanksgiving, it also rocks on a random weeknight any month of the year. We enlisted chef Chaz Brown of Seoul Chicken in NYC to show you what to do with it. The noble, weird-looking turkey deserves better, y'all. ChefsFeed and Whole Foods Market present: Sources. You're welcome. Sponsored

    Chefs Feed Chefs Try Virgin America's New First Class Menu

    Airplane food sucks. Or does it? Virgin America invited some of the most discerning ChefsFeed chefs aboard to inspect the airline's new First Class menu. Here's what happened. Check out the full menu:

    Special Feature: The Construction of The Progress

    What does it take to build a restaurant? In this special feature, we try and answer that question. We spent the last six months working with chefs Stuart Brioza and Nicole Krasinski (State Bird Provisions), their teams, and site superintendent Levi Hunt of ACI Construction to document the building of Stuart and Nicole's new restaurant The Progress. Here's a glimpse into the tremendous amount of work it takes to create a new restaurant space. Visit The Progress: Check out ACI's other absurdly gorgeous restaurant projects:

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